Feds File Charges in Sniper Case, Tensions Rise

The feds became the sixth jurisdiction to file charges against alleged snipers Muhammed and Malvo today as tensions rose over who will prosecute.

The text of the Federal complaint against the alleged snipers as well as the Maryland, Virginia and Alabama charges are available in one place on Findlaw, here.

Because the two are in federal custody, it will be Attorney General Ashcroft who makes the final decision. His aides said he is still studying the matter, trying to figure out where Muhammed faces the greatest likelihood of the death penalty. Malvo is not eligible for the federal death penalty because he is only 17.

The federal complaint alleges the pair were plotting the sniper attacks for months. Meanwhile, Maryland prosecutors accused the feds of "grandstanding."

Maryland is further upset because an FBI agent and a Maryland detective allegedly had gotten Muhammed to talk to them about the root of his anger when they were told to stop the interrogation due to the feds filing charges. Malvo still isn't talking.

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