Jeb Bush Visits Noelle in Jail

Jeb Bush and his wife Columba finally visited their daughter Noelle in jail.

"Gov. Jeb Bush and wife Columba, in Orlando for Tuesday's gubernatorial debate, visited their daughter, Noelle, at the Orange County Jail. The Bushes spent about 15 minutes with Noelle, 25, who was ordered to spend 10 days in jail last week by an Orange County Circuit judge for violating the terms of her drug-treatment program by possessing crack cocaine. She has been undergoing treatment at the Center for Drug-Free Living."

Is Noelle getting special treatment in jail? You bet, but it's harsher, not more privileged treatment:

"Noelle Bush is being held in protective custody, separate from the general population. Officials said that is the policy for high-profile inmates.The 8-by-9-foot cell includes a metal bed, mattress, sink, battery-operated TV and commode."

It's too bad her father didn't get to see her "protective custody" cell. Or have to spend even four hours alone in it--with the door locked. That might have impressed upon him the absurdity of putting non-violent drug offenders in jail.

Treatment does work, but rarely the first time. Relapses are the norm. We once put a psychologist treating cocaine dependent persons on the stand in a probation revocation proceeding for a client with a dirty ua. We asked her how many cocaine users she had counseled in long term treatment programs. She said 500. We asked how many of them relapsed during the course of the program. She said 500.

(Link to article found on Thinking It Through.)

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