The Danger of the President's War Plan

An ominous op-ed piece on Bush's insistence on attacking Iraq called Intoxicated With Power , by Leon Fuerth, national security adviser to former vice president Al Gore and now the Shapiro visiting professor of international relations at George Washington University, strikes a chord with us. It concludes with:

"One can imagine that if the president takes his time, plays out his hand with the United Nations, allows inspectors to return to Iraq and awaits the inevitable demonstration of bad faith by Saddam Hussein, he might be able to deal with Iraq with meaningful, rather than nominal international support; and he might then also be able to deal with the aftermath of a change of regime in the same way. But much of the time the administration's overall approach to policy breathes impatience with the opinion of others, eagerness for military action despite protestations to the contrary and an ideologically driven indifference to consequences that could prove devastating to fundamental American security needs."

For a comprehensive anti-war page offering readers " the best analysis, activism resources, and timely information they need to resist this precipitous rush to war", we recommend Alternet's War on Iraq.

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