The Late Patsy Mink May Win Hawaii Election

The AP is reporting that the late Patsy Mink may win her Hawaii House seat in the November election. At least the Democrats think so.

"Democrats expect Rep. Patsy Mink to win re-election in Hawaii next month – even though she died Sept. 28. Then comes another election for the seat with her widower running. And then maybe another. The Republican candidate, ex-Marine Bob McDermott, has been feuding with party leaders and has received virtually no support from a state GOP that had discounted his chances of beating Mink. But controversy over the scheduling of as many as three rapid-fire elections for her district is giving Republicans new hope for the longtime Democratic seat."

Look to Daily Kos, MyDD , Hamster and Political Wire for analysis on this tomorrow. Actually, for the best in election coverage and news, you should visit them every day, along with Atrios/Eschaton/.

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