Prosecutors Upset About Skakel Movie

The Associated Press reports that "prosecutors who won a murder conviction against Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel are upset about a planned movie they say gives undue credit to Mark Fuhrman, the former Los Angeles police detective who wrote a book about the case. "

Prosecutor John Benedict says of Furhman's role: "This is a guy who was trying to jump on a train that already left the station."

Fuhrman has been widely credited by himself and writer Dominck Dunne with uncovering a report by Skakel family investigators in which both Tommy and Michael Skakel provided different versions of what they were doing the night Martha Moxley was killed than those they gave to police as teenagers. As adults, both told the family nvestigators they had been masturbating outside in or under a tree on the Moxley property. Tommy's revised version was that he and Martha were mutually masturbating on the ground under the tree. Jurors in Michael Skakel's trial never heard about Tommy's statememt, although he was the chief suspect in the murder for almost 20 years. Ultimately, he was given immunity to testify before the grand jury, and did not testify at trial.

Prosecutor Benedict denies Furman uncovered the book proposal and says the authorities already had it. "Every piece of information he had we had months in advance of the book coming out," Benedict said. "He's trying to take credit for things he simply did not do."

The movie airs November 15 on the USA network. Law and Order star Christopher Meloni" plays Fuhrman.

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