Washington Rules on Voyeurism Law

The AP reports that the Supreme Court of Washington State has issued a new ruling on the state's voyeuerism law.

"Photographing or videotaping up a woman's skirt in a public place doesn't violate a voyeurism law, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday. The unanimous ruling found that the law only protects people in places where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The court rejected prosecutors' arguments that people reasonably expect privacy under their clothing."

In unanimously reversing the convictions of two men, one of whom took the photos with plans to sell them on the internet, the Court ruled (in an opinion authored by one of four women judges on the court):

"Although Glas' and Sorrells' actions are reprehensible, we agree that the voyeurism statute, as written, does not prohibit upskirt photography in a public location."

You can access the full opinion on the court's website.

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