Blog Labors and Thanks

This being Labor Day, we want to take a moment and praise some blogs whose authors labor long and hard at creating informative, interesting and original material and whose work we not only read regularly but look forward to reading.

We also want to thank these blogs for their praise for TalkLeft. Many of them write on some of the same topics we do--and often agree with our point of view (and vice-versa.)

First up come the incredibly industrious and prolific Instapundit, also known as Law Professor Glenn Reynolds, and the up-to-the minute Eric Alterman of Altercation. We especially appreciate the variety of topics they write about--you never know what the topic is going to be but it always turns out to be a good one. Through their frequent mentions of TalkLeft, we have been able to reach so many more of you than we would have on our own.

The same goes for Cursor, Rittenhouse Review, Hamster, Atrios/Eschaton and Howard Bashman's How Appealing.

We also can't say enough good things about MaxSpeak, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (and his post about TalkLeft), Ruminate This (her post about Talkleft), Mattew Yglesias, Let It Begin Here , The Poor Man (and his praise for TalkLeft), Cooped Up , Lean Left and Jason Rylander. And although no one could ever call him a liberal, we appreciate Stephen Greene of Vodkapundit and his early support of TalkLeft, and would remind him that we are still waiting to buy him and his bride Melissa a drink on their next trip to Denver (all of 60 miles from his home in Colorado Springs.)

And for the blog most important to our very existence, we want to thank Daily Kos, who not only is an original thinker and excellent writer as is evident from his famously astute and oft-quoted blog, but who also contributed so many hours of his valuable time re-designing TalkLeft.

Now we are going to take a few hours off. Please, go read these folks. If you haven't already, you don't know what you're missing.

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