Blog Lift Today

Thanks to the incredible amount of hard work and long hours contributed by DailyKos, we are transforming the TalkLeft weblog today. It will have a new look and new content--and the blog and the home page will be one and the same.

There will be a redirect link on the current blog url as well as the TalkLeft Today page, so you don't need to update your link list yet, but soon, please change your link to us to to simply www.talkleft.com

The other sections of TalkLeft (crime policy, injustices, politics and legislation and media) have also been redone to fit the new look and will be accessible on the blog page.

And of course, our unique newsfeed from our sister site Crimelynx will continue to appear on the left side of the blog, updated several times a day with hand-selected news and opinion articles.

Other talkleft pages (the forums and 2000-2001 archives) will be accessible on CrimeLynx.

Hopefully there will be no glitches, but if there are, please be patient and keep checking back.

And thanks again to DailyKos who has a particularly insightful political blog that has been really gaining steam lately, with Hamster, Cursor and others quoting directly from his writings.

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