U.S. Fights Torture Amendment

This really has us angry today.

The Bush administration is fighting an amendment to the International Convention Against Torture that would send out inspectors to ensure that countries are not torturing prisoners.

A vote is scheduled today in the UN Economic and Social Council, the UN's governing body for human rights, on a proposal that has been ten years in the making and is supported by dozens of countries. If approved, it moves to the full U.N. General Assembly for a vote in September.

Now, at the last minute, the U.S. is making a counter-proposal, which is likely either to kill the measure or postpone it for several years.

What reason does the Administration give? Prison visits by an international body would be "too instrusive."

Who else is opposed to the treaty amendment? No suprise here... Iran, Cuba, India and China, all of which have been singled out for prisoner abuse.

Excuse us, but what exactly are we hiding down in Guantanamo Bay?

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