Rockefeller Drug Law Revisions Mired in Politics

Joyce Purnick has a good update in today's New York Times on the dissension between Gov. Pataki and the Democratic Assembly on changing the draconian Rockefeller drug laws in New York.

Seems Pataki, as a campaign promise 7 years ago, and in a bid to capture the hispanic vote in NY, promised reforms. But his reforms are not substantial enough. The democratic assembly's proposed changes go much further, and the two sides are scheduled to meet again. Pataki's compromise solution may cause him trouble: relief for the longest sentences now, changes in the future. Not good enough say the dems (and we agree.) If no substantial, across the board reduction is reached, Pataki will have failed to live up to a big campaign promise, and it could cost him in the election.

Among the groups opposed to Pataki's plan: the Mothers of the Disappeared - a group of former offenders and relatives of those still imprisoned.

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