Cases of Wrongful Conviction?

If you are looking for something different to read this weekend, how about some of the nicely presented websites maintained on behalf of prisoners who well may be factually innocent of the murders for which they have been convicted and have served major time.

Not every case has DNA available to re-test.

There are many causes of wrongful convictions, from false or manipulated confessions, mistaken eyewitness testimony and prosecutorial misconduct to junk science and lab fraud.

Here are some of the case websites we've been drawn to-- in mostly their words, not our's--the quoted material comes directly from their sites.

Free the WestMemphis 3
"Three murdered 8 year olds and three young men in prison for something they did not do"

Lisl Auman
"Lisl Auman was in police custody at the time of the crime and yet she serves a lifetime prison term" for felony murder of a police officer.

Journalist and author Hunter Thompson is among her biggest supporters.

Lisl is waiting for a decision from the Colorado Supreme Court on whether she will get a new trial.

Free Beverly Monroe
"In the evening of March 4, 1992, Roger de la Burde died of a single gunshot wound to his head.

Through a combination of forensic misrepresentation, police and prosecutorial misconduct, and jury error, Beverly Monroe was convicted of first-degree murder on November 2, 1992, and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

On March 28, 2002, Senior Judge Richard L. Williams of the U.S. District Court granted Beverly a writ of habeas corpus, vacating her decade-old conviction on the grounds that prosecutors concealed evidence that supported her innocence, and calling the case "a monument to prosecutorial indiscretions and mishandling."

Evidence proves that Beverly committed no crime...that no crime even occurred. Beverly, who is now 64 years old, was wrongly imprisoned for almost seven years. If the state wins an appeal, she will be forced to return to prison."

For a impartial look at the case which arrives at the same conclusion, check out Was Justice Denied?

Kenney Richey
"In 1981, at the age of eighteen, Kenny Richey left his home in Scotland to live with his American Father in Ohio.

In June 1986, one week before his return to the United Kingdom, Kenny was arrested for a crime the evidence shows was not a crime at all.

Since his conviction some months later, he has been sitting on death row, waiting to be strapped into "Old Sparky" Ohio's electric chair.

The State remains keen to execute him."

John Maloney: Innocent Man
John Maloney was convicted of First Degree Intentional Homicide, Arson, and Mutilation of a corpse.

"...there was no homicide, and no arson. John Maloney was convicted by overzealous prosecutors that only wanted a conviction and not the truth. It is hard to find true justice in this great country of ours, or at least in Green Bay, Wisconsin. "

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