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Monday Open Thread


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Easter Sunday Open Thread

Happy Easter, to everyone celebrating today.

Does anyone have a Surface Book? Is it worth more than $2k? Does the 13.3 inch screen seem bigger because it has such a thin bezel (or for whatever reason) or is it wysiwyg?

There are so few computer stores around here (everything is online other than a small kiosk in two local malls)that you can't even test them out before you buy -- keyboard feel, screen size and weight matter a lot to many besides me, I'd bet.

For those of you online, here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Thursday Open Thread


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Tuesday Open Thread

I'm way behind on news. I only heard about Brussels coming back from the jail. It's a really busy work week.

Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Sunday Open Thread

I'm still writing motions. Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Thursday Open Thread

I've got motions due, so no blogging for a day or so.

Has anyone noticed that Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples will be on DWTS starting next week? She supports Donald. Isn't that just like more free publicity for him? [More...]

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Monday Night Open Thread

Plenty of politics to talk about. Tomorrow John Kasich and Marco Rubio will find out how voters in their home state feel about them -- going home might not be so sweet, especially for Rubio. I think Kasich will take Ohio, he's got a slight edge over Trump in the latest polls.

In other news: A Palestinian-American fighting for ISIS surrendered to the Kurds/Iraqis today. Russia announced it was pulling most of its military forces from Syria.[More...]

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Saturday Open Thread: Non-Politics

If you'd rather watch happy stuff than the politics race, check out James Corden (host of the Late Late Show) and One Direction doing carpool karaoke. I've watched it six or seven times and still laugh. Also fun to watch: James and One Direction playing a game of Tattoo Roulette and Corden's "Take a Break" segments where he fills in for others at work. Two really funny ones are where he tries to be a real estate agent and sell a house to rapper Tyga and get the listing for a house owned by LA Clippers player J.J. Reddick. In the second one, I think the funniest part is when he takes a shower. [More...]

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Friday Open Thread: Cuba and Sweethearts

Marco Rubio bashed Cuba hard during last night's Republican debate. I don't know that anyone outside of Miami's conservative Cuban-American community agree with him. He also threatened that Guantanamo will be kept open and lots of people will be tried there.

Marco Rubio is not "America's Sweetheart." Neither is Ted Cruz, who always seem to wear too much eye makeup during debates. He reminds me a bit of Pee Wee Herman.

Much more fun to watch than Republicans, is Elle King. The video above of "America's Sweetheart" is from her appearance a few days ago on the Late Late Show with James Corden. "Kick out the jams, kick up the soul, Pour another glass of that rock and roll." [More....]

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Monday Open Thread


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Sunday Open Thread

VAIO U.S.A., the Japanese company that bought the Sony VAIO line from Sony, has released the Z and S versions of its new laptops. I really want this one. I want to be her, sitting at a rustic table in the woods with a glass of wine, surfing through leisure sites on my shiny new laptop that weighs under 3 pounds. (Instead of bringing my 6 pounder to the jail, where it's searched as I enter a cramped visiting room for hours at a time to review discovery and listen to wiretapped calls with my clients. Not that I mind going to the jail with my computer for visits, I actually enjoy it, but I hate lugging the 6 pounder with me.)

Here's the question I ask myself (in my mind, its how I imagine Reggie would ask it on the Late Late Show with James Corden.)

So if you had this new laptop, would you fly off to a magical, peaceful place to be alone with the computer and spend your time looking at extravagant items while drinking a glass of wine, and would the wine be chardonnay or something else? [More...]

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Monday Night TV and Open Thread

A new season of The Voice begins. The Bachelor is close to wrapping up. James Corden should have some funny commentary on the Oscars tonight.

In more important news, U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein ruled Apple does not have to decrypt an iPhone (not really a surprise.) [More...]

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Sunday Night Open Thread

For those not watching the Oscars, or tuning in afterwards, here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

(If you're not into the Oscars, Season 2 of La Viuda Negra (about Griselda Blanco) begins tonight on Unimas, with English subtitles. A 2 hour recap of the first season is starting right now.)

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Friday Night Open Thread

From the AP, here's what happened today with the presidential hopefuls of both parties.

Bernie Sanders has never run for national office as a Democrat. Donald Trump has never run for office, let alone as a Republican. Jack Shafer at Politico calls them the "Political Parasites of 2016."

Trump isn’t the only political parasite on the hustings this season. Bernie Sanders, who never ran as a Democrat before this election, has likewise attempted to colonize the gastrointestinal tract of a major party in hopes that it will eventually deposit him at the White House. True to his parasitical nature, Sanders loves the idea of the party but has little interest in actually supporting it. He has raised only $1,000 for the Democratic Party’s fundraising alliance, while Hillary Clinton, who is many things but assuredly not a parasite, has raised $26.9 million.

I don't really get why Chris Christie's endorsement is important. Reuters has this article on Christie's benefit to Trump. I wonder what position Trump has promised him if he wins the election.

In other news, the Guardian has a very interesting article on how both the media and terrorists have adapted and made use of new technologies to capture viewer attention.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Thursday Night Non-Debate Open Thread

We have a thread up for the Republican debate. Our last open thread is full, so here's a new one, for non-debate topics (politics is ok, just not the debate.)

So how much clout do Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger have? Not only is Vinyl on HBO in the U.S., but check this out, from Mick Jagger's website:

The second episode of Vinyl airs tonight on HBO in the USA and Canada.Go here for listings in Latin America

The show airs in the UK and Ireland on Sky Atlantic on Mondays at 9pm.

Vinyl is also available on HBO Asia, HBO Nordic, HBO Czech Republic and Sky Italia.

Viewers in North America can stream the first episode for free here.

Explore the Vinyl website here.

Is there any other show that airs simultaneously in so many countries? I wonder which country has the highest ratings.

I didn't care for the first episode, it was too depressing and I'm into happy these days. Maybe I'll it give another chance. Has anyone watched both episodes? What do you think?

Again, this is an open thread, all topics welcome except tonight's debate, which you can comment on here.

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