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Tuesday Open Thread: Amazon Prime Day

Has anyone found any great deals on Amazon? I haven't so far. I'll be in a CLE (via webinar) this afternoon so I can't blog. They ask you questions periodically to make sure you are paying attention.

As for Don, Jr., the one thing I don't hold against him is hiring an experienced defense lawyer. The choice of a lawyer and who the lawyer has represented in the past has nothing to do with whether one is guilty -- everyone is presumed innocent. Everyone who finds themselves a "person of interest" a subject or a target of a federal grand jury investigation should retain the most experienced and knowledgeable attorney they can.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Sunday Open Thread: It's a Girl!

The TL kids are having a girl! I've already started buying clothes.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

[More pics below --from the "gender reveal" party for those who are interested:

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Thursday Open Thread

I'm not seeing much in the news, and I'm spending all my free time learning and riding my new Peloton bike. It's so much fun. I'll do a review of it in the next few days, I'm still getting the hang of it but I just love it.

One other thing I'm loving: You Tube Red -- you tube with no commercials, ad messages and you can save the videos to view later offline. I screen them to my big TV. You Tube is offering 3 months free and you can cancel before the month fee starts if you want. It's such a more pleasant viewing experience.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Happy 4th of July: Ain't That America and Open Thread

Ain't that America.

Here's what I wrote in 2011:

Today is a day we should be reveling in the greatness of our nation, but instead I fear for the health of our democracy.

Six years later, I feel like we're all living on a prayer we get through the next four years intact.

Some thoughts on patriotism and the 4th of July. More here:

At times of crisis the most patriotic act of all is the unyielding defense of civil liberties, the right to dissent and equality before the law for all Americans.


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Friday Night Open Thread: Lifestyle Edition

Dinner at the end of a long, hot week: Grilled flat iron steak and chicken, guacamole, lettuce, fresh cilantro, bits of red onion, wrapped in tortillas, accompanied by a large gin and tonic. [More...]

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Thursday Open Thread

Time for a new open thread. Your choice, all topics welcome.

Other things I'm reading: Abuse Allegations at Chinese Shoe Factory where Ivanka's shoes are made. Ivanka has been ordered to testify at a deposition in the case alleging she copied another company's shoe design (photo of the shoes here.)

Here's the Supreme Court opinion on the travel ban and the latest on the new travel rules to take effect at 6 pm today.

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Friday and Monday Open Thread

Bump and Update: This is now a Friday and Monday open thread. I'm really busy at work but hope to be free to read news and blog tonight.

Sonny Franzese, the oldest prisoner in the federal system has been released at age 100. He was a Colombo family underboss who was sentenced to 50 years (was paroled a few times and sent back in for new offenses.)

Here's what he looked liked then.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Tuesday TV and Open Thread

Even the New York Times is writing about the Bachelor in Paradise fiasco and The Bachelorette series (with its racial tensions and imminently expected racial blow-up between two male contestants.) If you haven't been following, WB canceled the filming of Bachelor in Paradise (the most raunchy of the series' productions) amid allegations of a possible sexual assault,and sent all the contestants home. Today WB announced the investigation was complete and nothing untoward happened, so it will resume filming. (TMZ has the sleazy details and they are sleazy.)

The Times also covers the current Bachelorette season and its latest episode here. In the previews for next week, contestant Kenny and contestant Lee, go at it and apparently Kenny gets cut with a knife near his eye. It's pretty predictable that the show would exploit any racial tensions this season, but it's curious that so far Rachel has been giving Lee the benefit of the doubt. I suspect that's due to prodding by the producers.

On Viceland, Hailey Gates is back for Season 2 of States of Undress. [More...]

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Sunday Open Thread

Happy Father's Day to everyone.

How times change: Check out this ad from the 1970's with the happy, smiling dad who just got a good night's sleep -- using Quaaludes.

On Melania's parents joining Melania and Barron for their move to DC and visit to Camp David: I expect them to be semi-permanent residents. (So far there's no indication they are moving in permanently.) They live at Trump Tower where they helped raise Barron (they are the reason Barron speaks Slovenian - I don't think they speak English.) Grandparents (not just nannies) are fixtures in raising Trump kids because their parents weren't around. With his oldest three kids, it was Ivana's parents, who moved in for six months a year, and the nannies who raised them.

The Trumps certainly would not have won any parenting awards when Don Jr. was a child. With Donald busy building his empire and Ivana helicoptering to Atlantic City six or seven days a week to run Trump Castle, there wasn’t a lot of time for helping with homework or taking weekend trips to the park. Ivana hired two Irish nannies, Dorothy and Bridget, to care for the children. But the most important early influence came from Ivana’s Czech parents, Milos and Maria Zelnicek, who lived with the family in Trump Tower for six months out of the year.


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TalkLeft Turns 15 Today and Open Thread

Three weeks ago I wrote that Talkleft's 15th birthday is coming up and I was weighing whether to keep blogging. TalkLeft's official birthday is today: I launched this blog on June 15, 2002-- and have written on it almost every day since then.

Thanks to the many kind responses (and several donations) I received, I've decided to keep going. I think there is a lot to talk about, and that these are such scary times, we all need a place to vent.

I also want to thank every one who has taken the time to read a page, post a comment, given us a news tip, linked to TalkLeft, donated dollars and befriended us.

If you missed donating a few weeks ago, and appreciate Talkleft's longstanding and continued existence, and the effort that goes into my researching and writing, or just want to buy me a birthday drink, donations are very much appreciated. [More...]

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Monday Open Thread

Sorry about the lack of blogging this weekend. I just don't feel like writing when all the news is about Trump. And I had more important things to do. Like try and find this pair of sunglasses worn by actress Kate del Castillo. I spent hours online trying to match and find them and couldn't. I ended up going to my local optical shop and buying these, which while different, I really like. [More...]

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Thursday Open Thread

I just read that Apple's next Safari browser upgrade will block auto-play videos. It can't come fast enough.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Monday Open Thread

Time for a new open thread, all topics welcome.

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Friday Open Thread

ISIS has claimed credit for the Philippines casino bombing.

The U.S. took out the significant ISIS cleric, Turki al-Binali, and the co-founder of the Amaq News Agency.

Al Qaida continues to regroup, with Osama bin Laden's son Hamza bin Laden taking on a more public spokesman role.

Ansar al-Sharia folded in Libya. Al Qaida has not. ISIS is still making noise there, but it no longer is in control of a major city.

Donald Trump and Paris: Absent from the Rose Garden ceremony yesterday: Jared and Ivanka. Guess their feelings were hurt that Ivanka's time spent putting meetings together was for nothing. She really doesn't hold any power over her erratic father. There's no reason for anyone to "court" her.

Who has fun plans this weekend? This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Tuesday Open Thread

From the Guardian: Jared Kushner's charmed life is about to come to a screeching halt and Germany Steps Up Attack on Trump for 'weakening' the west .

Trump's Communications Director is leaving. (His resignation letter was submitted May 18.)

The House committee investigating Russia has issued a subpoena to Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, after he refused an invitation to talk to them. (Added: Reuters says no subpoena has been issued.)

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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