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World Cup Day 7

Sorry I'm late with this. Yesterday 1-1-1 ATS. Now 4-10-1 for the World Cup. Today I have a pick in the first game but did not get it up here in time so a NO ACTION for TL purposes. I'll give you a Live Bet Australia (+1) (+150)

Group A - Manaus - Cameroon +½ (+135) over Croatia.

Group B - Rio de Janeiro - Spain -1 (-115) over Chile. It's do or die for the defending champions.

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World Cup Day 6

Bit of a bounceback yesterday as I hit 2 out of 3 (and frankly, in terms of the run of play, all 3). Now 3-9-1 ATS for the World Cup. Today's picks:

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Group H - Belo Horizonte - Belgium -1½ over Algeria. Belgium provides good betting value as they are a top team but punters do not give it top team respect. Now if you look at FIFA rankings, the line is fair, if not favorable to Algeria (ranked 22 to Belgium's 10.) My view is that FIFA rankings are not particularly predictive (Ghana was 38 for example, Portugal 4.) And I think that's the case here. I like Belgium a lot in this spot and in this tournament.

Group A - Fortaleza - Mexico +1½ over Brazil. Off first game performance, Mexico was better than Brazil. Brazil as a team does not convince me at this point. I was thoroughly impressed with Mexico who could have won by 4. Brimming with confidence they will give Brazil all it can handle, and if the refereeing is fair (Ha!), even win.

Group H - Cuiabá - South Korea Pick (+240) over Russia. This is a fitness in the oppressive conditions (South Korea ALWAYS very fit) and price pick. Despite bad recent form, (Korea was beaten by Ghana 4-0 in WC tuneup) this is one of the best propositions all tournament imo.

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Monday Night Open Thread

Just got home from work, and I'm on my way out again. Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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World Cup Day 5

My disastrous World Cup investment record continues apace. Oh for 3 yesterday, 1-8-1 overall. Here are my losers for today:

Group G - Natal - Ghana Pick over USA

Group F - Curitiba - Iran vs. Nigeria - Draw +265

Group G - Salvador - Germany -115 over Portugal.

From the USA perspective, you should be rooting for Germany in today's first game as you're hoping to sneak into the second spot that advances to Round of 16 play. That means, imo, getting ahead of Portugal and Ghana. You want Germany 4-0 over Portugal and Ghana really so you can slide in with draws and a close loss to Germany. Of course a win today would be amazing. I personally don't think this USA team can get that done. Which is probably good news for USA.

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World Cup Day 4

Sorry I'm a little late with my picks. I know you were all waiting to put in your bets on the other side of my picks. Yes, I'm 1-5-1 ATS so far.

But I'm about to crank it up! The picks today: Group F - Rio de Janeiro - Argentina -1½ over Bosnia-Herzegovina Group E - Porto Alegre -Honduras +1½ over France Group E - Brasília- Ecuador Pick (+130) over Switzerland.

Mock me at your peril. I'm about to get it going.

Also too, Happy Fathers Day!

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World Cup Day 3

4 matches today in Groups C and D:

Group C - Belo Horizonte - Colombia vs. Greece. I expect Colombia to win but like the price on DRAW +340

Recife - Japan vs. Ivory Coast. I like JAPAN (PICK)

Group D- Fortaleza Uruguay -1 over Costa Rica. Will Suarez play today? In Manaus, in an Old World battle, I like England PICK over Italy. England always chokes at World Cup. I feel like something different will happen this time. But hell, Spain was my favorite.


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World Cup -Day 2

3 matches on tap today, starting at noon continuing till 8 pm. Here are my picks : Cameroon (PICK +160) over El Tri (Mexico), Mexico is cpaable of losing to anyone. I think they are 3 and out at this World Cup.

Spain (-130) over Netherlands. Spain is my favorite. I think they repeat.

Chile (-1 -120) over Australia. Chile is very good. Australia is not. Really like this one.

My group picks are: Group A - Brazil, Group B- Spain, Group C- Colombia, Group D -Uruguay, Group E - Ecuador, Group F - Argentina, Group G -Germany, Group H - Belgium. As you can see, I'm big on home continent advantage.

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Friday Open Thread

I have court at 8:00 am this morning, 45 minutes away. So there will be nothing from me this morning.

Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Thursday Open Thread -World Cup Edition

World Cup starts today in Brazil with the host country facing Croatia.

Much polemic in USA ranks as Jurgen Klinsmann, the German great who runs the USA team, left the greatest player in USA soccer history, Landon Donovan, off the team.

Probably doesn't matter as USA is in a group of death, with Germany, Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal and the best African team who knocked USA out of the last 2 World Cups, Ghana. It'll take a near miracle for USA to advance.

Teams to watch - Belgium, Colombia. While the casual fan will not be aware, the soccer world knows the talent on these 2 squads. Otherwise the usual favs - Brazil, Messi's Argentina, defending champs Spain and the perennial favorite Germany.

Players to watch: Brazil's Neymar, Messi, Uruguay's Suarez (recovering from knee surgery) and of course Cristiano Ronaldo.

Should be tons of fun. Picks tomorrow. Today I like Croatia (+2 goals) to keep it close. Open Thread.

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Wednesday Night Open Thread

Tonight is the gran finale of El Capo 3. It began March 25, and I have watched all 56 episodes at least once. I'm totally not okay with it ending tonight.

The past few weeks have not been as compelling as the first weeks, but I can't tell if that's because without subtitles, I'm missing too much, or whether they decided to cut the number of episodes after filming and did a less than stellar editing job. I suspect it's the latter, but of course have no way to know. [More...]

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Tuesday Open Thread

Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Triple Crown Edition

Can California Chrome become the first horse since the great Affirmed did it 36 years ago to win the Triple Crown? Me and over 100,000 of my closest friends will be at Belmont Park this afternoon to see if he can.

Meanwhile, here is the greatest horse who ever lived running the greatest race ever run:

Open Thread.

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Sleeping In: Open Thread

I'm wiped out from my motions. Got the last one filed at 11:59 pm -- deadline was midnight. Then I read the 50 or so motions filed by lawyers for co-defendants. I doubt I'll be up before noon.

Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Thursday Night Open Thread

I've got motions due tomorrow and am taking a few hours off to watch El Capo 3, Senor de los Cielos and La Vieuda de Negra. I'll be back to blogging late tonight or tomorrow.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Wednesday Open Thread

Our last open thread is full so here's another one. All topics welcome.

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