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Mormon Women Explain Their Support for Obama

Via the Washington Post: 9 Mormon women explain why they support President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Some Snippets:

  • "Mitt Romney and his plans for America are foreign to my faith values. He has shown behind closed doors how he truly feels about our nation’s poor and vulnerable, while Obama has sought to protect social programs, foreign aid, and real healthcare protections for those who desperately need it."


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Obama Makes His Case For Re-Election

President Obama makes the case for his re-election. Shorter version: We can move forward or fall back. [All quotes from @BarackObama]

  • "I said we'd repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', we ended it."
  • "I said we’d crack down on reckless practices on Wall Street, and we did."
  • "I said that I'd end the war in Iraq, and I ended it."
  • "I said I'd pass health care reform, and I passed it.

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Challenges to Romney's Electoral Vote Path

I'm still creating various scenarios with CNN's electoral vote map. It seems to me Mitt Romney has the more limited paths to victory.

Even if Romney wins Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, given the leanings of the other battleground states, he will need Colorado or New Hampshire to reach 270. He can't lose both. (Added: Changed from saying he needs both.)See map below: [More...]

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Obama's Final CO Visit: Mile Long Line, Hours To Go

Update: 10:45: President Obama has arrived. More at the bottom of the thread.

Update: Live stream here, Dave Matthews is singing. 10:25 p.m: The President's plane has touched down. Turnout: 20,000 supporters

The line to see President Obama tonight at the Community College of Aurora – Lowry Campus began hours ago and quickly grew to over a mile long according to CBS News4 Colorado -- some say 1.5 miles. President Obama is not scheduled to speak until 10:25 pm, and may be a little late since he left Cincinnati late. Dave Matthews will perform a solo acoustic set.


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Mitt Romney Lectures Radio Host on Mormonism and Abortion

Update 11/5: The video has now been viewed 1.8 million times.

Here is the real Mitt Romney. Via the Washington Post, Mitt Romney doesn't like talking about his religion these days, but in 2007, he was quite vocal about it, lecturing a radio host about the principles of his church and his stand on abortion.

His temperament hasn't changed much, it's the Romney attitude we saw at the debates -- Let me talk and it's my way or the highway. [More...]

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Obama Up in Iowa, Ohio; Returns to Colorado Tonight

Update: Final national poll before election day: WSJ/NBC poll has Obama 48, Romney 47. Here is the actual poll. Voters with a "very positive" view of Obama: 40%. For Romney, only 25%. Who is better prepared to lead the country? Obama 46%, Mitt 42%. I'm not sure how representative the sample is. 37% identified themselves as conservative, to 25% who identified as liberal. 23% are retired, only 4% are unemployed because they can't find a job, 48% have college/post-college/law degrees and 26% earn more than $100k per year.

A new Des Moines Register poll shows President Obama up 5 points. [More...]

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Obama: It's All Up to You, Who Do You Trust More?

President Obama in Virginia yesterday: It's all up to you.

“It’s up to you. You’ve got the power,” Obama said. “That’s how democracy’s supposed to be.”

Obama in New Hampshire today:

"Part of this election is not about policy. It's also about who do you trust."

And, have faith in me and we'll win.

"I know I look a little bit older, but I've got a lot of fight left in me. I am not ready to give up on the fight," Mr. Obama shouted in a hoarse voice to a crowd of about 14,000 in Concord. "If you're willing to work with me... if you're willing to turn out for me, we'll win New Hampshire, we'll win this election."


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Romney May Need Both VA and PA to Win

Nate Silver explains Mitt Romney's last-minute push for Pennsylvania. Maybe it's also why President Obama brought Bill Clinton to Virginia yesterday (where 25,000 turned out to cheer them.)

Mr. Romney’s campaign may be thinking about a map like this one, in which he wins Pennsylvania in order to claim 273 electoral votes. If Mr. Romney did so, he could win the presidency despite losing Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nevada.

Mr. Romney could not afford to lose Virginia, where he is narrowly behind in the polling average, or Florida, where he is narrowly ahead. He could also not afford to lose Colorado, unless he won New Hampshire.

President Obama and Bill Clinton were in New Hampshire this morning where 14,000 turned out. CBS says only 10% of NH voters use early voting. [More}

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Sunday Electoral Maps

I posted some electoral college result scenarios here, but I've now whittled them down to three. Obama wins in all three: In his worst case scenario, he wins with 271 electors. The second has him winning with 280. In his best scenario, he wins with 299.

At this point, I think Meatloaf would have to bring his Bats of out of Hell for Romney to win. The maps are below: [More...]

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Romney Adviser Lobbied for Homosexuality to Be A Crime

Mother Jones has a new article on Romney friend and adviser Jay Sekulow, who engaged in a lobbying campaign to criminalize homosexuality and ban abortion in Africa.

Why is this important? Because Sekulow is an activist lawyer and law professor (at Regent University, a Christian law school) and a religious extremist who has argued 12 cases before the Supreme Court. Prominent court journalist Tony Mauro called him "the leading Supreme Court advocate of the Christian right."

Here is Sekulow in his own words describing his conversion to Jews for Jesus, which evolved into his becoming both a board member and general counsel for the evangelical group. After that, he says he formed a new group to fight for evangelicals:

C.A.S.E: Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism. That is what we've named the new organization which will be defending the legal rights of individuals and organizations who are telling the gospel--specifically in issues relating to access, as in parks, college campuses, street corners, and of course, airports. .... [The public] needs to hear the good news about the Messiah, and we must protect our right to tell them.

From the 2012 report, Colonizing African Values: How the Christian Right is Transforming Sexual Politics in Africa: [More...]

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E-Mail Voting Added for New Jersey Residents

New Jersey Residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy will be allowed to vote by e-mail or fax. The directive issued today is here.

Any voter who has been displaced from their primary residence because of Hurricane Sandy is hereby designated as an “overseas voter” for purposes of the Overseas Residents/Absentee Voting Law, N.J.S.A. 19:59-1, et seq.

For those wanting to vote in person, check your polling place by texting WHERE to 877877 or visiting elections.nj.gov.

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Electoral College Map: Likely Scenarios

Nate Silver now predicts President Obama will win with 303 electoral college votes.

Friday’s polling should make it easy to discern why Mr. Obama has the Electoral College advantage. There were 22 polls of swing states published Friday. Of these, Mr. Obama led in 19 polls, and two showed a tie. Mitt Romney led in just one of the surveys, a Mason-Dixon poll of Florida.

Most electoral map predictors favor President Obama -- even if he loses Florida and Virginia.
You can make your own here.

Which states will be the deciding factor? If Romney were to win Florida and Virginia, it could come down to Nevada or Colorado. Obama may not need both, one would do. [More...]

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Biden: Romney "Wants to Turn Back Time"

Joe Biden in Arvada, Colorado today:

When taking the stage, Biden reminded the crowd that tonight was end of Daylight Savings time. "It's Mitt Romney's favorite time of the year because he gets to turn the clock back," Biden said.

A new Ipsos/Reuters poll on early vote results shows Obama leading in key swing states: [More...]

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Romney Supporter Interviews: Ignorance and Bigotry Abounds

Watch Mitt Romney supporters' unbelievable (or should I say predictable) comments after his recent campaign event in Dalliance, Ohio (the one where he said Jeep is thinking of moving all jeep production to China.) That the reporter keeps a straight face during the interviews is quite a feat. The really crazy comments start around 0.50 seconds in.

According to his supporters, Obama is a Muslim who reads the Koran, a socialist, and a communist. He isn't a good President because he's too angry. He and his aides all have "bad things" in their past that the media has failed to report. The scary looking, unhinged white- haired lady (0.56 seconds) is completely off her rocker. Keep watching, she returns throughout becoming more unglued each time.

Not one of these supporters can describe Mitt Romney's plan (even though they are leaving a rally where he just gave a speech about it ) but they all support it. Either they are beyond stupid or Romney has no articulable plan. (Probably a combination of both.)

After two minutes, you'll want to take a shower to rid yourself of any residue of these people. Then you'll want to vote three times just to make sure they aren't picking our next President. I can't imagine anyone forgetting to vote Tuesday after watching this sorry lot explain their ignorant, bigoted opposition to Obama and support of Romney. In one day, it's had 209,000 views. I hope it goes viral over the weekend. Pass it around.

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Paul Ryan: Equates Smell of Manure With Success

Too funny: In Montrose, Colorado today:

Today, four days before the election, Paul Ryan told a crowd assembled on an airport tarmac that he could "smell success." And the crowd roared.

The smell, in fact, was that of cow manure, or something that smelled an awful lot like it. The tarmac is nestled in the mountains here, and as it became more and more overpowering, and as Ryan was more and more intently describing his running mate's business credentials, the VP contender paused, took a deep whiff and said, "I can smell success right now.

"That's the smell of success isn't it? That's the smell of progress. I love that smell, it makes me feel at home," Ryan said.

Gov. Christie has ordered gas rationing in 12 counties. Will it affect voter turnout in the state? The WSJ reports on voting hurdles in the tri-state area affected by Sandy.

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