Questions I'd Like to Ask George Bush

By George Castelle

Chief Public Defender, Charleston, W.Va.


  • Do you support the current drug laws in the State of Texas?

  • Under the current drug laws, what would be the penalties for the offenses that you committed?

  • If you admitted your offenses, what would be the total number of years that you would be serving in prison?

  • Would you also have been convicted under the Texas "three strikes" law?

  • How many minorities are in Texas prisons today, convicted of the same offenses that you got away with?

  • Have you ever commuted a sentence for drug offenses like the ones you committed, or do you make everyone who gets caught doing what you did serve the full sentence?

  • Do you think you should serve your full sentence?

  • Do you believe in cooperating with the police in their efforts to enforce the drug laws?

  • If so, who was your dealer?