Report: Non-Doctors Carried Out Amputations at Abu Ghraib

Truly disgusting. Time Magazine has a new report on the medical disarray at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The report is based on interviews with medical staff and a document it obtained about medical treatment at the prison and the use of restraints by the Army in Iraq medical facilities. From a press release received by e-mail:

Medical personnel and others who worked at Abu Ghraib prison tell TIME that, with straitjackets unavailable, tethers-like the leash held by Private Lynndie England-were put to use at Abu Ghraib to control unruly or mentally disturbed detainees, sometimes with the concurrence of a doctor. That such a restraint-which is supposed to be placed around legs, arms or torsos-ended up instead around a man's neck seems to be a case of a medically condoned practice degenerating into abuse, TIME's Adam Zagorin reports.

But there was also medical disarray at the prison: amputations performed by nondoctors, chest tubes recycled from the dead to the living, a medic ordered, by one account, to cover up a homicide. That in itself would have made Abu Ghraib a scandal even without the acts of torture inflicted on the inmates by their guards.

If you can't access the article at the link above, you can read it a snippet here and a full description here.

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    They never had it so good, right, Jim?

    Re: Report: Non-Doctors Carried Out Amputations at (none / 0) (#2)
    by Ray Radlein on Sun Feb 06, 2005 at 10:07:09 PM EST
    Patrick Nielsen Hayden was right: There really is no bottom.

    "Patrick Nielsen Hayden was right: There really is no bottom." Appearances match reality. It IS racism and sadism. And it is a coup. These are clown pictures being produced BY the Clownbus coup in their utterly traitorous "Hate America, and How!" campaign. The terrorism that results from this negative propaganda will keep Bush's corporate backers in mountains of cash until our country is so broke and so bombed out that they can Walmart the rest away. Enron on a grand scale.

    The real issue that progressives should be working on these days is election protection. Access to the ballot box, countable and recountable ballot systems. It's interesting that the exit polling has been indicating one thing and the election returns something else for the past couple of election cycles. I have trouble believing the electorate sees these pictures and doesn't vote to put these guys out of office.

    CA, I agree that we need to perform a major overhaul on our election systems as a nation. This overhaul should start with cleaning up the voter registration rolls to make sure that everyone on them is in fact alive and residing in the district they intend to vote in. We could then move on to better voting machines that do not have the known problems and which have verifiable recount mechanisms. But none of this should be done based on exit polling, which is far from accurate. Exit polling, by its nature, is limited to those who agree to take part, which means that it is self-limited to those interested in making their vote known ASAP. It also suffers from the reality that there is no way to tell whether the person is in fact telling the truth, and good reason for them not to (i.e., if the exit polling at 2:00 PM on election day indicates that one candidate has an overwhelming lead, many of his or her voters may not bother coming out to stand in line - but if those numbers are based on a coordinated effort to skew them, the candidate with the "overwhelming lead" may in fact be losing the election. In truth, the media should simply stop trying to predict the election outcome during the voting and work on reporting it accurately after the real numbers are known.

    Anyone ever see the movie Hellraiser? I swear next we'll learn the damn cenobites were running the prison! "Ahhhh, the sweet suffering..."

    I don't want to offend anyone here, but the part about the tethers used as restraints happens everyday in this country. I'm an ARNP at a state institution called Macclenny in Baker county, Florida. We haven't used straitjackets for 25 years now. We use Poseys or leather restraints all the time. People do get hurt in them. Check out any local nursing home, you'll find strangulations from restraints a couple times a year. It may be barberic, but it's been happening in this country for years.

    "Posted by justpaul: "I agree that we need to perform a major overhaul on our election systems as a nation. This overhaul should start with cleaning up the voter registration rolls" A minor issue in the face of two major coups. How about we start with YOUR party not stealing any more elections for awhile?

    Re: Report: Non-Doctors Carried Out Amputations at (none / 0) (#10)
    by john horse on Mon Feb 07, 2005 at 03:35:48 PM EST
    What went down in Abu Ghraib keeps getting stranger and stranger. Its like Marquis de Sade meets Frankenstein.

    Much like your average frat party with the guys blowing off a little steam. I haven't changed my mind about the frats. Still not going to join. Too dangerous.

    Frat parties that kill unwilling participants are more correctly called 'snuff parties.' The 'fraternity' these unwilling pledges were being tortured by is not just 'blowing off steam.' They're killing tens of thousands of civilians on the say-so of a racist liar-in-chief.