Death Penalty Opponents to Converge on Washington

Press Release:

Anti-death penalty activists will converge on Washington, D.C., Tuesday, June 29, through Friday, July 2, for four days of activities commemorating the historic 1972 and 1976 Supreme Court rulings that suspended the death penalty in the United States and later allowed executions to resume. Several programs during the four-day event will specifically address the juvenile death penalty.

June 29 marks the 32nd anniversary of the Furman v. Georgia decision suspending executions, while July 2 marks the 28th anniversary of the Gregg v. Georgia ruling allowing executions to resume. Since Gregg, 915 people have been executed in the United States, with three more executions scheduled to take place June 29 and 30, during the course of the four day protest. This is the eleventh year in a row that the Abolitionist Action Committee has held its annual Fast and Vigil between the dates of these two landmark decisions. Activists, many of whom are fasting the entire four days, are travelling to Washington D.C. from across the United States and beyond.

Highlights of this highly visual and interactive annual event include live music by recording artist Steve Earle, and talks by death row survivors, victims family members, and noted activists. Schedule and details are available here.

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