More Details of Al Gore III's Pot Bust

A friend of Al Gore III and his two companions, arrested last week and charged with misdemeanor pot possession, says these are the true facts (posted in comments on TalkLeft):

Alright, so I am a close friend of Yann, Marc and Al, and y'all need to hear what really happened. First of all, on the subject of OUI - out of the question. I know for a fact that none of the occupants in the vehicle had used marijuana or alcohol within four hours of driving. The car was pulled over as it was exiting a parking garage, and Al had yet to turn his headlights on.

The three had borrowed Tipper's car and were smoking cigarettes - The windows were rolled down so that the car wouldnt stink of tobacco upon thier return. As for the suspected smell of marijuana eminating from the vehicle - impossible. No marijuana had been smoked in the car at any time.

The police reported that they found a half-smoked joint, which is a lie. The report also stated that a soda can was found that had been modified to serve as a makeshift bong - That never existed.

What the police did find was a small bag of marijuana under the back seat of the vehicle. However, the validity of this find has recently come into question due to illegal search procedure. Pulling out onto the street without your headlights on in no way serves as probable cause to warrant a full search of the vehicle, and it was only after the identity of the driver was revealed that the occupants were given a hard time by authorities.

Sounds plausible to us. And don't forget, innocent until proven guilty. Thanks, "Snake," and please keep us updated.

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