White Supremacist Matthew Hale Denied Law License

Scriverner's Error reports that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the denial of a law license to White Supremacist Matthew Hale. The Court found:

Matthew Hale is a public advocate of white supremacy and the leader of an organization (formerly called the World Church of the Creator [note 1]) dedicated to racism and anti-Semitism. He comes before us today because he seeks to be admitted to practice law in the state of Illinois. The Illinois State Bar [sic] requires applicants not only to demonstrate proficiency in the law on a written bar examination, but also to pass a character and fitness exam. Hale succeeded in satisfying the first of these hurdles, but not the second. His defeat came at the hands of the Committee on Character and Fitness (Committee) appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court, which found him unfit to practice law.

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