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Court Website: All Filings and Orders

8/12/04...Order Denying Continuance
7/22/04...Edited Transcript (Mistakenly Released from) Rape-Shield Hearing
7/23/04...Order on Rape-Shield Evidence
7/14/04...Order on Suppression of Statements
4/21/04...Order Denying Defense Access to Medical Records
3/1/04...Defense Response to Motion to Limit Questioning of Accuser
10/31...Order on Pre-Trial Publicity
10/20...Preliminary Hearing Transcript
10/20...Probable Cause Ruling
10/2...Order Re: Preliminary Hearing Matters
9/12...Defense Motion to Close Preliminary Hearing
8/21...Order on Unsealing of Arrest and Search Documents
8/5...Defense Motion for Sanctions for Law Enforcement Leaks
7/31...Decorum Order on Expanded Media Coverage
7/24...Order on Pretrial Publicity

Select Media Transcripts

7/18/03..Kobe Bryant Statement
7/18/03..Vanessa Bryant Statement
7/18/03..Kobe Bryant Lawyer's Statement

Kobe Web Pages

TalkLeft Kobe Case Coverage
Southern California Law Blog

Recommended Reading

Kobe : The Story of the NBA's Rising Young Star
by Joe Layden

On the Court With Kobe Bryant
by Matt Christopher

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